We are you is a digital agency with over 450 professionals. We come from a merger of six leading digital agencies: Colours, Mangrove, Redhotminute, Virtual Affairs, Estate Digital and DearNova. We want to make a difference with our clients. Our smart and reusable digital solutions are decisive for the success of our customers. Intensive cooperation and personal contact are paramount.
Passion for and enjoyment of our trade





our organization: the best of both worlds

"We combine the best of both worlds: we offer the expertise and flexibility of a large agency, and because customers and employees work from a fixed location we remain personal."

- Jorg Verweij, CEO

We are you is focused on collaboration in self-managing teams that combine their strengths in their specialism. Our professionals are involved, take responsibility and constantly strive to improve themselves. That makes for effective collaboration.


our approach

We like to make the difference for your company. We do this with our extensive knowledge of digital and the business. And our proven successful working method. This starts with working together on a smaller, clear goal. We will work with you in a tailor-made team. In this way we gradually get to know each other and we build trust. You will experience the quality of our teams and our work. We learn more about your business. Together we make the next step: make a real difference by giving substance to your ambition.

In order to achieve optimal results, we always ensure that we give three elements our continuous attention. We call that: ā€˜Think. Build. Optimizeā€™. It does not matter in which phase your process and your business are in, we will work together. We constantly monitor these important elements.


A successful website, app or application stands or falls with a well thought-out digital strategy.

Setting up a digital strategy sounds complicated and time-consuming, but in our experience it is a simple matter of doing, learning and adjusting. We always start with a conversation to determine where you are now. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your organization together. You determine the ambition and goals. Together we identify how digital can contribute to your operating result. Its on this basis that we develop your digital strategy.



The digital strategy follows a roadmap that the design and development team use to reach your digital goals using agile methods. With this multidisciplinary team we realize a concrete, intermediate result every two weeks. This allows us to validate whether we are on the right track and identify which functionalities we will use to start the next sprint. That's how we get a working product in a short time, which can then be expanded upon.

We only make the functionalities that you have prioritized. We achieve your business goals as efficiently as possible and quickly set up functionalities that have real added value for your customer. This approach makes the collaboration transparent. There is no place for unpleasant surprises. We can quickly anticipate new insights and changes in your organization.


In order to achieve the best results, we continuously optimize existing digital solutions based on quantitative and qualitative data. For example, through numerical analysis and user research.

We start by working together and develop this into a distinctive result.

our professionals

The team that we will gather will be full of specialists from the fields of:

  • Strategy, concept and innovation
  • User experience and visual design
  • Software engineering
  • Business and information analysis
  • Conversion optimalization and SEO
  • Marketing automation and personalisation
  • Agile process and project management
  • Continuous delivery / dev ops and managed hosting

We develop in a broad range of technologies including .NET, Sitecore, Umbraco, Drupal, OutSystems and React. We continuously evaluate which techniques deliver the best results.

The team of professionals have an array of competencies.