As a bank you want to innovate in a highly competitive market. You want to offer a unique value to your client and simultaneously have to take strict legislation into account. Your client expects a full mobile service with your proposition. The reusable components of BankingRight mobile offer the solution. A complete mobile solution with all the features you need for retail banking, private banking and wealth management. Fully adjustable to your unique client proposition.

who is bankingright for?

  • You currently run a banking brand and want to move your branch to or launch your brand in a new region;
  • You're a bank and want to launch a new brand or product in a short amount of time;
  • You want to boost the digital interaction of your banking brand;
  • You're a new bank or investments startup

Is that you? Then BankingRight mobile is the right solution for you. Contact us for more information on this and our other solutions. 

BankingRight mobile fits the retail bank, private bank and wealth manager, but your app only shows the features you want it to.

why bankingright?

Bankingright has been developed fully native. That means it offers the optimal user experience for your client. It already contains all the necessary features for a banking or wealth management client. This makes you  

  • faster, because you can instantly consider your unique client value and proposition;

  • cheaper, because you don't waste money on re-inventing the wheel;

  • more stable, because all our components have been extensively tested in the field.

BankingRight mobile offers you a shorter time to market
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watch the video about how we are specialized in financial services

"We set out to transform the Dutch banking market by putting ourselves on the side of the customers. Thanks to the innovative scalable banking platform provided by We are you Amsterdam we have been able to deliver on that promise."

- Rene Frijters, Founder Knab bank

what you can expect

BankingRight offers a complete package of retail, private and investment banking features, such as

  • 'onboarding' or welcoming new clients;
  • transaction features like payments, transaction overview but also peer-to-peer payments, PSD2 integrations and more;
  • wealth management features like portfolio insight, buying and selling orders, wealth prognosis, automated saving and much more;

BankingRight has standard integrations with partner technologies by Five Degrees, Ohpen, Ortec Finance, OneSpan, Gemalto, Onegini and others. Contact us to learn more about the many possibilities.