As an insurer you want to innovate in a highly competitive market. You want to offer a unique value to your customer and at the same time have to take strict legislation into consideration. The reusable components of the InsuranceRight solution offer an advantage by answering your basic insurer needs when it comes to digital interaction, fully compliant. You focus on your unique client proposition.
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who is insuranceright for?

  • You have a strong insurance brand and want to introduce it into a new region;
  • You're an insurer and want to launch a new brand or product in a short amount of time;
  • You want to boost the digital interaction of your insurance brand;
  • You're a new insurance startup

Is that you? Then InsuranceRight is the right solution for you. 

why insuranceright?

InsuranceRight uses the unique marketing capabilities of Sitecore. It's a so called Sitecore 'accelerator'. Because you have all the basic needs of an insurer at your disposal you are working 

  • faster, because you can instantly consider your unique client value;

  • cheaper, because you don't waste money on re-inventing the wheel;

  • more stable, because all our components have been extensively tested in the field.

InsuranceRight offers you a shorter time to market
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watch the video about how we are specialized in financial services

"I see Sitecore and InsuranceRight as thè platform for our international growth"

Uco Vegter 
Chairman Achmea Division International 

what you can expect

InsuranceRight offers a white label insurer as a starting point. That exists of

  • a corporate website that allows for direct online purchasing of all insurance products;
  • a 'Myzone' for policy overviews, claims etc.;
  • an advisor portal for the unique needs of the insurance advisor in supporting the consumer.

InsuranceRight has standard integrations with unique technologies such as OneGini for identity management, Cognigy.AI for voice en messaging and CX digital for chat.

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities.