Centraal Beheer introduces smart chat bot

Everyone in the Netherlands knows the slogan Centraal Beheer uses for their insurance campaigns. In addition to insurance, Centraal Beheer also offers financial products and services. A solid relationship with the end user is very important in their area of expertise.

Centraal Beheer works closely with Dion, Digital Maker at We are you. The team is now working on an extension of the current chat solution: a real smart chat bot. Dion is taking care of the front end and the Sitecore integration. Soon, the user will be able to contact Centraal Beheer in an easy and accessible way because of the virtual assistant: CeeBee. Anyone asking a question will receive a very detailed answer. CeeBee has its own icon. The icon resembles an emoji whose face can show basic human emotions and the face expressions are also animated.

Centraal Beheer is aiming for a personal approach, but also wants to focus on cost efficiency and cost reduction internally: Since the introduction of the chat option, the number of emails that had to be processed has been reduced massively. Approximately 50% of the employees who processed those emails moved to the team behind the chat.

If CeeBee is unable to help the customer, the conversation will be transferred to an actual employee. The difference between the chat bot and an employee is clearly visible: a visible distinction was an important point of attention that emerged from usability research.

The development and upgrade of CeeBee takes place in several phases. Soon, customers will be able to meet and chat with the first version of CeeBee, while Centraal Beheer continues working on an AI chat bot that works even faster and gives better answers. CeeBee is also being improved based on customer input, in looks and functionality .

“With CeeBee we are upgrading the user experience to a higher level”

- Dion van Velde (Digital Maker, We are you)

cooperation for maximum results

Dion works in a multidisciplinary and agile team in which design, communication and technology are combined on location at Centraal Beheer. That way we can provide maximum support to the customer and the end users and offer something of real added value.

In addition, Centraal Beheer is working on a digital transformation in which the current CMS is being replaced by Sitecore. This way they can easily offer personalized content to the visitors for an even better and unique user experience.