banking will change. either respond or initiate. 

As strategic partner of our banking clients we regularly think about the future of banking. To make our vision concrete, we developed a triptych of banking concepts. But as Thomas Edison said: Vision without execution is just hallucination. And it takes a lot to successfully deliver this view of the future of banking. 
paying by phone

money is not the goal

Delivering a financial advice proposition that really targets the needs of your client, often means offering a diversity of products, including non-financial products and services. In the end the need for money is never a goal on its own. The money is needed for groceries, children, houses, cars, etcetera. A platform approach that combines the services and products of other with financial services is the logical choice. 

requirements of a platform business 

A platform proposition requires a culture and operating model based on collaboration, research, validation and optimization. It also requires the right

  • Partners to collaborate with to offer alternative products and services
  • Technology to support a platform structure
  • Business models that respect both the interests of the user and the provider
As was mentioned in our blog on platform banking that also leads to a product pull model rather than a push model.
team of We are you thinking of new strategies

The more specific the target audience, the smaller. When developing a health business model, we therefore must also keep in mind

  • Scalability: is it possible to support several unique propositions using the same technology?
  • Structure: is the organization prepared to reorganize to have the new organizational structure fit the new market approach?
  • Creativity: does your organization employ the right creative staff to define new models and fit your banking product into the proposition of others?