Knab and We are you present: payment requests

Are you tired of having to ask for your money back after kindly paying in advance for your friends? We are you and Knab have come up with a way to resolve this. With the Knab App you can now easily create a payment request and share it with your friends. You can simply enter a fixed amount or have your friend decide on an amount to be transferred back to you. You receive a message as soon as the payment is done. 
Youri Festen
User Experience Consultant
The option to send payment requests was the biggest wish for Knab customers. Last year the bank decided to add the functionality for both private and business customers. We are you has designed and built this entire functionality for Knab: from architecture to design, from native mobile front-end to back-end API communicating with (PSP) and Thaler (core banking system). Immediately after the launch, the new functionality was embraced by the clients. Not only is this a great new feature for private customers, it also benefits Knab's business clients, allowing them to have their invoices paid much faster.

The functionality regarding payment requests is part of our  BankingRight Mobile product. This product is a solution for retail and private banks and asset managers. New and existing BankingRight customers can use this new functionality. 

“We have been working very closely with We are you since the establishment of Knab. The people are very skilled and I think it is really cool that with a very small team we have been able to develop this new functionality from scratch in a short time.“

- Marcel Kalse, Product Owner Knab