card reader, make room for mobile

Who hasn’t been there: you want to make a payment or change some account information to your bank through the website and just when you think you’re done, you have to verify your order using a card reader. The e-dentifier, random reader, card scanner, you don’t take them everywhere you go. There are other options.

Log on safely

Rogier Saarloos
Product lead BankingRight

For logging on to the web environment Knab had been searching for more simplicity for a while. They already used user ID and password combinations for identification. But with the increased use of mobile phones, clients forgot their passwords more often. For Knab we implemented a BankingRight mobile solution. The client can now scan a QR code with the mobile app to log on to the web environment. The Knab app checks the identity of the client with facial recognition or fingerprint scan. 

mobile signing

When making substantial payments or changes through web, an additional confirmation is required. There is a growing need for two-factor authentication. We therefore developed a solution in our BankingRight Mobile range of components: mobile signing. With every high impact order done through web, the mobile app receives a push message. In the mobile app, the order can be easily approved using facial recognition or fingerprint scan. 


For registering the mobile app in general you still needed a card reader. We now have two solutions for that. The first is app-to-app registration: if the client has a registered app on a different phone, he can use that phone to scan a QR code on the new phone. The second solution is needed when there is no old app or phone. We can than perform an identification using a combination of a passport scan, selfie scan and an SMS validation.

registering an app with a previously installed app


This form of registration, logging on and signing orders has multiple advantages. It is

  • Safer, because unlocking using face-id or touch-id is safer than user name and password combinations;
  • Easier, since the mobile phone is always close at hand;
  • Cheaper, since the client already has the mobile phone and does not need to be sent a card reader.

  • The most important benefit of mobile signing is that it’s so much more customer friendly than any solution using external trinkets - Rogier Saarloos, Product lead BankingRight We are you.