a good chat with your bank

More and more companies use chat to support their clients. But how do you ensure being effective. How do you really help your client on their way?
Rogier Saarloos
Product lead BankingRight
It’s not strange that chat is used more often. Chat allows you to serve more clients simultaneously. The new generation is more chat savvy and expects real time answers, especially in the mobile interaction. Within BankingRight , we have integrated several forms of chat. We see that several aspects help get the most out of your integration.

integrate it well

The most important aspect is to think carefully about where you integrate chat. You can use WhatsApp, but in such an environment, when it comes to specific questions, your client has to first proof their identity. That can complicate things. In BankingRight Mobile we ensure that the client, once logged in, lands with the service employee, verified and all. The client can be assisted better, since there are no more restrictions, and also faster, since the identification steps can be skipped.


Another aspect is to consider integrating the existing back office tooling as much as possible, to minimize the adoption effort. If you do choose to switch to new tooling, always select a mobile app ready system.

Thirdly, consider the fact that in-app chat allows you to keep a chat active in the background and send a push message to the client. It’s not as session-dependent as web, where you risk the client closing the browser. Offering chat within the mobile app can therefore decrease frustration levels.

both the client and the service employee need to embrace and adopt chat

“The service employee receives a chat from a verified client. That instantly increases your service level. “

Rogier Saarloos, product lead BankingRight We are you Amsterdam