everyday holistic, predictive, money management

The people who only have one bank account are nearly non-existent. Many, sometimes dormant, accounts exist per person. The customer’s money and data is scattered across multiple accounts, MyZones and organizations. How to keep overview and holistic control on finances, realizing that finances go beyond just transactions? What if we could receive predictive actionable insights? It would give incredible peace of mind. 
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Martin Groen
User Experience Consultant

Currently, solutions arise, based on the PSD2 regulation to gain holistic insights over multiple accounts. Other solutions offer forecasting on recurring expenses like mortgage payments, subscriptions fees, etcetera, but are limited to one account.

Detailed information is often offered in a different application, e.g. the status of loan applications, additional products, fulfillment processes for things like new (credit)cards.  Information is scattered. Acting on that information depends on the customers own financial savviness. We envision bringing the data from all these sources together. Transactions from multiple accounts and buckets and things like insights, data on financial products, support and fulfillment are combined in a holistic view.
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the timeline

Cross-account past events, suggested actions to focus on today and future events and tasks are visualized in a single timeline. The consumer is offered the ability to instantly execute tasks like accepting a direct debit that is higher than usual. The app provides a prediction of next payments and events and warns about potential issues like an impending overdraft, but also offers a suggestion to fix this situation. By bringing all the information together in an actionable way that identifies priorities, the customer is offered peace of mind.