CTO Rob Habraken rewarded for the fifth time in a row as Sitecore MVP

Our CTO Rob Habraken made an above-average contribution to the Sitecore community last year. For the fifth time in a row he has been rewarded with the unique Sitecore title 'Technology Most Valuable Professional'. This is a prestigious title that only 154 Sitecore professionals can carry worldwide. 
The team of We are you Tilburg celebrating

Rob Habraken at the Sitecore User Group

Pieter Brinkman, senior director of technical marketing Sitecore, explains in the press release  why winning the MVP title is so special: 
“It is fulfilling to see the sense of real community and accomplishment among the Sitecore MVPs, both old and new. While we are focused daily on enabling accomplishments in the digital world, the human connection is a critical component that cannot be overlooked. Sitecore MVPs donate their time and expertise to help our product teams understand what users want and need from our solutions, while educating and mentoring customers on what is possible with our latest offerings. These individuals are an invaluable asset to our organization and a critical part of the Sitecore Ecosystem."

opportunities for our clients

Thanks to Rob's MVP title, we have access to an exclusive community that works with the future functionalities of the platform. Among other things, this gives us an insight into the possibilities that will be available in Sitecore. Even better, we can also influence this.  

You can also read Rob's proud announcement on his blog.