war for attention: how relevant do you dare to be?

It is war online. The digital battlefield for attention. Companies call, lure and entice their customers any way they can. But it's only the organizations that demand attention and are relevant at the right time and on the right device that win the battle. Their secret weapon? They put the user first.


make life easier for users

That sounds like an open door doesn't it? We all want to make life easier for our users. Yet being relevant is easier said than done for many companies. You need to know who your customer is, what they need right now and how you can support them in every phase of the customer life cycle. According to CRO specialist Lars van Tulden, becoming relevant starts with overarching thinking.

We all know that customers come into contact with several departments of our organization: Communication, sales, customer service. 'We are only inclined to focus on the part of the customer experience for which we are responsible. If you want to have greater digital impact, you will have to engage in overarching thinking', Lars notes.

"Do you really want to be relevant? Focus on your customer in every phase of their customer life cycle. Break through resistance within the organization and focus on the entire customer experience."

online meter readings

Take Eneco, continues Lars. 'They asked us to build functionality to allow their customers to record meter readings online. Before we began we wanted to have a complete picture of the customer journey. We can always build a beautiful product, but if it does not fit with the customer's total journey experience, it is a waste of money.

That is why we looked at various Eneco departments and got to know the process from A to Z. We looked at the invitation sent to customers, the postcard on which they normally wrote their meter readings and the mail shots they received afterwards.

Meanwhile we asked critical questions. What is the benefit to customers who record their meter readings online? What is Eneco's priority? Are they compatible? Digital offerings must suit the users’ needs and not the other way around.'

Digital offerings must suit the users’ needs and not the other way around.

correct content in the correct context

To match your offerings with your user's needs, you need to know why customers do what they do. How do you find out? Start by mapping the contact moments and the locations of your customer. Customer behaviour is often related to the moment and to the location of the contact. Are they in the supermarket or are they in the office? Are they cooking or watching television?

You would most probably conclude that not every user will find the same message helpful. This is where marketing automation comes into play. This technique offers individual users the right content at the right time that perfectly suits the context of their situation. With marketing automation you become more relevant during every step in the customer life cycle. You help the user specifically when they are making choices. This saves them time, offers convenience and prevents choice overload.

With marketing automation you become more relevant during every step in the customer life cycle.

get to know your customers

We help organizations to look at the wishes and consider the needs of their customers better, and then to meet them. We do this not only by analysing data from the website itself. We also connect external data to Sitecore, such as the topics of conversations with customer service operatives. This is how we learn about your users’ priorities and connect the customer life cycle to them accordingly.

The digital products of Van Lanschot and Eneco are good examples of this. For example, Van Lanschot wanted to know more about (potential) customers with an interest in investing. How much investment experience did they have and at what point in their customer journey did they find themselves? We mapped this data. With this knowledge Van Lanschot was able to respond smartly to the needs of the user. They showed the users the right content through the right digital channel - at the right time.

Being relevant means showing guts

Staying relevant is really a question of thinking differently. The question is: do you dare to do things differently? Do you dare to cut your existing processes to make things easier for your customers? Do you dare to omit information? And to be completely there for your customer? If the answer is yes, then prepare yourself. The chances are that you will win the war for attention.