DearNova merges with We are you

Digital agency DearNova joins We are you. With over 450 digital professionals, We are you is one of the top digital players in the Netherlands. The addition of DearNova provides even more flexibility, expertise and scalability in the field of strategy and technology. 
The team of We are you Tilburg celebrating
The team of DearNova, part of We are you.

CEO Jorg Verweij explains: "Since ‘digital’ occupies an increasingly large space in our society, our (potential) customers expect constant innovations. We are you helps our clients to navigate in this ever changing digital environment and is the pragmatic execution partner at the same time. This demands more and more expertise and a greater number of professionals. With DearNova we have gained a strong technological execution partner who has a lot of experience with strategic issues." 

self-managed and pragmatic

Gerard van de Looi, Founder of DearNova adds: “Not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of method and culture, we connect well. Just like at We are you, we collaborate with our clients in self-managing teams. Our people are also pragmatic and involved, they have a strong sense of responsibility and they constantly seek to improve themselves.” 

about DearNova

DearNova was established in the year 2000 and has grown into a business with around 70 professionals. The digital agency works with the very best of Dutch business; PostNL, VodafoneZiggo, Schiphol and Telegraaf Media Groep. 

about We are you

We are you accelerates the digital innovation of organisations. It offers the expertise and flexibility of a large agency, but remains personal because customers and employees collaborate in close teams. By combining strategy, creativity and technology with the client's strength We are you develops smart digital solutions. The more than 450 We are you professionals are pragmatic and seek constant improvement. This is not only reflected in the solutions that We are you develops, but also in the long-term partnerships that the digital agency has with its clients. We are you has a turnover of €50 million and operates 8 locations at home and abroad. By 2023 We are you aims to become the leader of digital innovation.