increase your digital impact with CRO

the decision is made: there will be a new digital platform. An innovative concept that perfectly fits the needs of your customers. Then follows the creative process and the builders get to work. Naturally you want to know what kind of returns you can expect for your investment during this preliminary project. CRO keeps your finger on the pulse.


avoid wasting money unnecessarily

Of course, your characters have been fully sketched out, the customer journey is mapped. Every choice you make is well thought out. You know what you do. However, during the creative process you can not be sure how your users will use your site. You work on the basis of assumptions.

Lars van Tulden, CRO specialist at We Are You. observes that companies tend to think too long during the preliminary phase. 'Companies waste thousands of euros and then when they go live, they immediately notice that users respond differently to their site than previously expected. Only then do they really start the optimization process. It doesn't have to be that way.'

Put your concept online at an early stage and start testing. Converting insights directly into concrete actions to improve your website is relatively new. The digital impact is enormous.

make your concept live, at the first opportunity


The time where you would just build a large digital platform is over. There is more data available and we can get many more insights from this data. Based on these results we can better focus the platform.

Lars: 'I strongly advocate putting a concept live earlier. Your investment is smaller and you can immediately assess how users react to the product. For example, do users go through the sales funnel as you have expected? You can use the insights that the test provides you with immediately. The specialism that deals with this is called CRO. '

what is cro?

CRO means conversion rate optimization. With CRO you turn your visitors into customers. You allow users to take the desired actions on the website. A CRO specialist focuses on digital and company-wide KPIs.

'What is important to me is that you perform a little better every day than you did yesterday. I do this by collecting data, analysing the data and then giving advice. I notice that the continual optimization and the conversion of insights into actions is still often neglected even though the digital impact is enormous. With CRO, you increase your digital impact by 100%', says Lars.

why you can not underestimate CRO


Making a digital impact starts with CRO. All the choices you make during the process are based on the data. You consider your online goals and test how the functionalities can contribute to these. Do you offer your customer what they need?

With data as an argument you can ask questions: why is that item on the backlog if it does not contribute to the website's established goals? With this way of working you zoom in on your KPI and you can focus better on the end result. Making more specific choices allows you to be smarter with your time (money).


does every environment need to be optimized?


In principle you can always optimize: a product can always be better. The way you optimize depends on the type of platform and visitor numbers. 'The volume is decisive for the method you use. With few visitors you have little data. That makes optimization more difficult. You will have to be more creative to make demonstrable improvements. Find the biggest obstacles your users face and start optimizing ', advises Lars.

‘Whatever digital product you have, it is important that you are constantly working to make this better. Optimization is a continuous process of: thinking, building, testing, formulating improvement suggestions, thinking, building and testing. You do not have to spend 40 hours a week on this. If the optimization wheel keeps on running.’

we are you about conversion optimization

building and optimizing in 1 process

'We are successful with CRO because there is a powerful connection between building and optimizing', Lars argues. 'Our strategy of 'think, build & optimize' consists of 1 process involving the same people. As a customer you get a scrum team with strategists, designers, developers and CRO specialists. Our CRO process is successful because we make an impact immediately, and we work on solutions as a team. We are in the middle of the process. We understand the business and that's why we can better meet the needs of the customer.'


when are you successful with CRO?


If the results match your set goals, your CRO is successful. Whether it is with more qualitative leads, more engagement or more self-service actions. It may sound simple, but thinking on the basis of data is still relatively new. Lars: 'Put your product online at an early stage and test continuously. Before you know it you're doing better today than you were yesterday. And tomorrow better than today.'