you achieve these gains with modular development

When you develop a new website or app, you hope that the product is distinctive. That the corporate identity is prominent and that the latest techniques are used. That is well understood. That is why when developing new digital products we try to use reusable code.


accelerate the development proces

Old code for a new product? It may sound contradictory, but it is not. By reusing components you speed up the development process considerably. This means you have more money and time to develop the truly unique elements.

what do we mean by reusable code?

80 percent of our customers have the same requirements; they use the same components in their website. Users must be able to log in, pay, receive an error message or read the website in several languages.

In order not to burden you with the development costs associated with these universal basic cases, we re-use the same components. It sounds like money for old rope, but it is not. We increase the quality of the product. By using the components more than once, we continually develop and test these elements.

We use the same components again for different customers. This speeds up the development process.

not unique is unique

Is your product sufficiently unique? After all, you do not want an app or website that gets lost in the crowd. To prevent this, we make sure there is a good balance between generic components and new components.

Take our product InsuranceRight as an example. We build a generic base that is the same for all customers. The skin on top is flexible and built exclusively for you. The time we save by reusing components, we spend on the development of distinctive elements for your app or website.

Reusable code saves money


You save money on the development of the digital product because we reuse standard components. Do you have any budget or capacity left over? Then you can use that to take the digital product to the market. For example by investing more in marketing automation or CRO.

You benefit from the improvements and save more money and time to make your digital product truly unique.


reusable code saves time

If you consciously opt for a generic solution, you save not only money but also time. Take the integration of the back office system. That is a unique process that we spend a lot of time on. But even then, if we have already integrated such a system, it makes time for us to use that code again.

For example, in only nine months we have launched a completely new insurance label from Achmea in Slovakia: Onlia. For this proposition we built a platform on which consumers can, among other things, take out insurance and request quotations. The consumer also has access to a 'my environment' where they can submit their claims, pass on changes and make damage reports. We could not have realized that within that time without reusing code.

is the website or app still up to date?

You can upgrade a product with a generic base more easily than custom work. After all, the action is the same for several customers. Of course we ensure that the technology we use remains up to date.

So we don’t just use customer cliques. We develop modularly, as a result of which we continue to improve the basic functionalities. We use these improved components over and over again, so that you as a customer can benefit from this. You get a unique, high quality product, built in a much shorter time period