hosting at We are you: pro-active and everything under one roof

If we ask CTO Stefan Laheij and Hosting Engineer Bart van Amelsfoort to tell us about the different hosting options within We are you, and their advantages and disadvantages, there's a brief pause. "Actually, everything is possible with us. Whether it’s managed hosting or managed cloud hosting, e-mail or a platform, externally hosted or through us. It would take too long to describe all available solutions", Stefan replies. "We look at every situation to see what will work best for the customer."
Stefan explains: "Everything we do is customization. We get together with the client and look at the security requirements, their minimal requirements, where the data comes from, which connections need to be very fast and where the hosting is situated: on the client's server or on our servers. On this basis we determine the very best solution for that specific situation, with the aim of providing a hosting environment that is not only fast; it's also always available and cost-effective too. The service we provide is flexible and scalable, so that you as an organization can easily innovate and continue to guarantee your performance speed.

cloud hosting

Although shifting to the cloud is the trend, it is not necessarily the best solution according to Stefan. "The advantage is that you can scale infinitely and dynamically and that you can save costs if your resource usage is variable. You only pay for what you use. That is not necessarily cheaper, because cloud hosting is often more expensive than hosting on our own platform."

managed hosting

Bart adds: "We often advise the customer to opt for 'managed' hosting. That means: proactive hosting, with which we unburden the customer. We ensure that the hosting environment remains up to date, fast and secure 24/7. As a client you receive proactive advice from us and performance insights. If you would like, we can also pro-actively improve the environment and we can help you migrate to the cloud if that would be beneficial. "

one party

According to Stefan and Bart, a big plus for our customers is that the IT team can switch quickly and directly with the developers of a platform. "With us you have everything under one roof: both hosting and application development and management. For the entire stack, from hardware to the website itself, you only have to deal with one party. So you have one fixed point of contact and the guarantee that you will be helped by the right people, when you need it, with whatever you need."

Cloud hosting is not always the best solution