latest version of InsuranceRight unlocks marketing power

November 2019 We are you launched the 5.1 version of InsuranceRight. This new release offers a wide range of new marketing capabilities. “Our clients explicitly choose the marketing capabilities of Sitecore. We want to enable them to utilize these capabilities as quickly as possible. This version of InsuranceRight accelerates that substantially.” - Konrad Plechowski, Product Owner of InsuranceRight.
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personalization and marketing automation starts with data

Konrad Plechowski
Konrad Plechowski
Product Owner InsuranceRight
Before you can personalize and automate your marketing efforts you have to have consent of your visitor to use their data. That permission has to be clear and compliant. That’s why the cookie message with privacy settings is optimized for a better integration. Next you have to be able to analyze what happens to your visitor. Google Tagmanager and Google Analytics are by far the most used tools for this. These are integrated and the most important ‘events’ to track are identified.

value the client journey

Step two is attributing a value to each milestone in the customer journey. That starts with identifying the purpose of your client journey, for example buying an insurance. Based on those goals you identify a customer journey, a series of interactions your client experiences in buying that insurance. Every interaction is scored in value, so you can measure just how far someone gets in the customer journey and just how effective your interactions are. For InsuranceRight we identified the goals, the journeys and the value scores.

experience profile

To have the best possible personalizations, you want to include all qualities of the customer, even when they are identified in a previous session or stored in an existing profile in the back-office system. The data of the session is therefore supplemented with the data points of the existing profile in InsuranceRight. The challenge in this is not so much showing the data in the experience profile in Sitecore, but keeping the information up to date and synchronizing with the back end solution. Next step in personalization is ensuring you can use all data elements for personalization rules, something that is not naturally the case in Sitecore. That too is realized. We’ve also added several examples for personalization, A/B testing in the funnels and in the MyZone.
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Marketing Automation and its effectiveness
Konrad Plechowski
Konrad Plechowski

measure effectiveness and improve

Once all the information is available, you can visualize the effectiveness of a funnel. We can now report both the effectiveness of the funnel and the marketing automation. How far do people get in the funnel? In what stage do they drop out? Where can we achieve the best conversion optimization? Since all the customers – regardless of their journey – achieve the goal in the shopping basket, it was a challenge to measure the funnels effectively to the very end.
“We’ve expanded InsuranceRight in a way you can achieve actual high-level personalization in a very short time-span. With the knowledge of how to set this up, we can not only save our clients time, but we also contribute to a positive experience for their users.”

Tanja van der Heide, User Experience Consultant