commercial strenght via mobile

Banners are the most common thing in web environments. They display commercials, news or temporary offers. Within apps this call to action tool is used far less. You want to point out opportunities to your client in various places. That’s why we developed the ‘Smart banners’ for BankingRight  mobile. 

fitting the design

Rogier Saarloos
Product lead BankingRight
A first requirement was to honor the user interaction design. A random banner can seriously mess up your design and user experience. That’s why we developed banners in various sizes for Bankingright  Mobile for predefined locations. The banners fit within the User experience of the various BankingRight Mobile components, but are optional in use. The UX also works when the campaign is stopped.


A second requirement was that the banner should be displayed selectively. The marketing team can decide who sees the banner, based on the data in the CMS, the back office system - think transaction data - or client behavior. You can choose to show the banner a maximum number of times. Aside from that maximum, the client should be able to decide for himself that they don’t want to see the banner anymore. 

bringing value

With these banners, you can offer your client valuable suggestions. For example: We see you have a lot of savings. Isn’t it time to open an investment account? Combined with personal finance management you could also provide warnings when a planned budget is at risk of being exceeded. It offers more relevant interaction. 

with targeted banners you bring more relevance to the client

"Banners are often associated with advertisement, but by showing banners based on behavioral analysis, you can offer great added value to the client, because the content is truly relevant." 

Rogier Saarloos, Product lead BankingRight We are you