Colours, Mangrove and Redhotminute move forward as one brand: We are you

Digital agencies Colours, Mangrove and Redhotminute will proceed to work as one brand: We are you. In the last two years, the agencies have joint forces, to offer their clients more flexibility and expertise. The 350 professionals of the agencies now have a strong collaboration on various client projects and internal processes and ways of working have been aligned. 
Jorg Verweij en Beppie ten Böhmer
Jorg Verweij en Beppie ten Böhmer

one name, one face

Joining the brands Colours, Redhotminute and Mangrove is a logical next step. The rebranding should offer prospective and current clients more clarity and unambiguity. We are you takes on a role as a leading brand in the digital industry. Virtual Affairs, specialized in the international finance industry, will join the rebranding to We are you later this year.

decades of experience and expertise

The name We are you represents decades of experience and expertise gained by the digital agencies, together with their clients. CEO Jorg Verweij elaborates: “When selecting the name, we wanted something that represents what we have in common: love of the trade. We want to make a difference with our clients, by developing smart and reusable digital solutions that define our client’s business success. We’ve shaped each other and made each other to who we are today. We identify ourselves with our clients: We are you.”

Intense collaboration plays a crucial role according to HR Director Beppie ten Böhmer: “Within We are you we offer the expertise and flexibility of a big agency. We collaborate from a set location, which allows us to remain personal.”

We are you has a total revenue of 40 million euro. The 350 professionals work from 8 locations in various countries.