improve online findability through SEO

Online findability is one of the most important features for the findability of websites. The most important optimization features are content and technology. These are the basis for a higher ranking in the search engines.


it starts with findability

In fact, according to Cristhian Almora, Conversion specialist at We are you, searchability starts with how important you think it is to be found. Because you yourself have a lot of influence on that.  There are several factors at play here, such as:

  • brand awareness

  • the level of competition in your market

  • content and technology requirements

  • changes in search engine algorithms

Ultimately it is about how you deal with these factors and how actively you work on your findability.

the importance of up to date technology for SEO

'When we deliver a platform, we ensure that the technology is completely up to date ready for the algorithms of Google and other search engines.’ Cristhian explains, 'That is an important starting point for influencing findability. The term SEO (SEARCH Engine Optimization) is often used as a synonym for this. We use an SEO quick scan. This provides us with a direct insight into the digital structure and, for example, shows whether there are contradictions in the code.'

The maximum speed of the website, (desktop and mobile) is also measured during the performance part of the quick scan. The security of a platform and the reliability of the provider of a website or app is one of Google's demands. Good website loading speed and proven safety and security are essential for a good position on Google. There are many technical requirements and standards that enable the website to perform well.


importance of qualitative content for online findability


In the past it had to be long and a lot of words. Fortunately that is no longer the case. Readability is now important. Provide good, relevant headers and bullets. Use the right words to share the information that the visitor is looking for. To use the correct and most recent (search) words we perform a keyword search. Then we can see how the searches connect online with the web copy and then we promote the keyword density, or the extent to which search engines find the text relevant to the keyword. That's why balance is important: a keyword must not be used too little, but certainly not too frequently.

The outcome of the keyword research is important input for the preparation/updating of the content. You must continue to optimize. The (search) behaviour of consumers is constantly changing. By using focus key phrases you ensure that your platform is found on the most important current keyword searches.


a look to the future: speech interaction

The developments in search behaviour and findability never stop. Take the robust rise of voice search that provides users with new ways of searching. Voice-guided searches consist, for example, of complete sentences, with manual searches often consisting of separate words that are supplemented with suggestions. Naturally we take this into account during optimisations.

semantic HTML to influence the meaning of content


Search engines use algorithms that are increasingly trying to find the background or history of text. They use different rules on the grammatical structure of the sentence and the overall text. There are technical devices that the search engine can use to better understand the meaning of the text. The easier it is for the search engine to completely understand your copy, the better your chance of scoring in the search engine results.  

featured snippet for the 0 position


The 0 position (or the featured snippet) is the most desirable position in the search results. It is the position that is visible instantly and appears above the well-known snippet. It is a short explanation for the question that was asked of Google. So there is a kind of authority when you occupy that place.

the featured snippet is the holy grail of SEO

online findability is continuously optimized

It is a grave misunderstanding to think that you optimize the website for SEO once and then that's it, your work is done. You optimize continuously. 'We use every possible means at our disposal to improve your findability' explains Cristhian, 'but how we do that changes almost daily. That's why it's nice for our customers that we can unburden them. We focus on the technology; they can focus on the content and on their message. That's how we keep the content strong and continuously performing at a high level.'