onboarding is better in steps

These days we require an enormous amount of questions when onboarding new clients. It often makes the onboarding process lengthy and tiresome. By splitting the process up in smaller steps you make the onboarding more pleasant. As a bonus, it offers you as a bank the opportunity to welcome the client from an early onset and serve them more effectively.

onboarding in stages

Rogier Saarloos
Product lead BankingRight
This onboarding of the client in little steps is called progressive onboarding. It starts by making a client profile. That only requires the minimum amount of data, so it only takes a minute. The client chooses a password, access code and whether they prefer to logon with facial or fingerprint recognition. In this stage you introduce your client to your CRM system and link a device to your client data. 

This stage you client could already

  • ask questions through chat
  • select or request a product
  • use a ‘playground’ environment
  • in a limited way, use a product, e.g. deposit to a savings account but not make withdrawals.

  • Step by step you expand the onboarding. Every time the client logs in, you invite them to take the next step in the onboarding process.


This modular approach has several benefits:

  • You can differentiate what follow up step you offer which client, based on their needs and client type
  • You can decide on a different development method (native or hybrid) for every step.
  • You allow your client to decide on the time and place they take the time to go through these steps. 

progressive onboarding has several advantages

"In particular with an app it’s important to take a progressive approach to the onboarding process. That’s why we developed turn key components and processes for this process in BankingRight Mobile. The client isn’t always up for a full onboarding process.

Rogier Saarloos, Product lead BankingRight  We are you