foundation for the future

As a technical partner of many large companies, we are always actively working on the development of our approach. Techniques and frameworks are increasing in number and becoming more complex. It requires a strong vision to stay ahead in the adoption curve and to track the best innovations. Smart application architecture and the right choices for technical platforms are the foundation for a successful digital future.

Good architecture saves time and effort 

As a reputable Sitecore partner (Silver) we see our customer’s demands changing. "In the past, a customer would ask whether we would like to build them a platform in a predetermined format. Nowadays, the focus is on the digital ambitions. ", Rob Habraken, Sitecore MVP at We are you. "We therefore start by defining a concept and strategy. Only then do we select the appropriate technology with the customer."

architecture contributes to digital impact

Looking at the technology we see a shift in the application architecture. In the past, the monolith was the standard: horizontally stacked layers of functionality in one big application. Nowadays we select standalone applications (microservices) and APIs much more often. The independent components allow you ensure that the maintenance, replacement or expansion of specific functionality is a lot easier.

The future-proof flexible architecture today consists of a fusion of best-of-breed technologies. The adoption of external frameworks for certain functionalities is, according to Rob, not only powerful because of their flexibility: "I am thinking of the application of Identity Providers, DAM tooling or, more technically, GraphQL for more efficient communication between different application layers. Such frameworks reduce customization and enable our focus to be primarily on adding value to our customer’s business."

"By embracing this technique, we have a shorter time to market for our customer with less effort required. We contribute to our customer's business using technology. "

- Rob Habraken


We are you makes sure to support the relevant devices

flexible hosting solutions

The same trend in components can also be seen in modern Cloud hosting architecture. You increasingly only host the application that is required for a specific function, such as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Sometimes you even host only specific functions or application components, such as the serverless approach, of which Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) is a known component.

The shift to an application architecture based on components can also be seen in the shift from backend to front-end development. Both C # web development and the building of APIs and services in C # remain an important part of our work. But JavaScript frameworks are becoming increasingly important. Frameworks such as React and Angular offer a lot of flexibility. They are therefore also an increasingly important part of our innovative platforms.

According to Rob, the gains in the shift to an application architecture based on components are on three levels: "The user experience improves. You remain relevant because of your flexibility. The time to market is shorter and we can pay more attention to adding real business value for our clients. Everyone wins."