Sitecore User Group NL meeting in Amsterdam

On May 15 we hosted an awesome Sitecore User Group NL meetup with a big turnout. About 45 Sitecore users and 3 speakers joined us in three very diverse presentations. 

by Joost Broekhuizen, Sitecore MVP We are you Amsterdam
SUGNL meeting Amsterdam

an impression of the meeting at our Amsterdam location

good food and Sitecore JSS

We started out our evening with a nice Indonesian buffet which offered us the opportunity to catch up with our fellow Sitecore enthusiasts. We welcomed back some familiar face and met some first-time joiners that recently moved from India to the Netherlands.

The first session was presented by Vitalii Tylyk, who gave a very nice session on his experience with Sitecore JSS in one of our We are you projects for an international bank. He presented how to convert a traditional Sitecore MVC solution to the new tech stack with JSS and Angular. There were some nice tips and tricks, and a clear overview of steps to take in this migration process. This was a welcome topic as a lot of agencies seem to face these types of projects and have some reservations on taking the big leap.

SOLR search


The second presentation was given by Paul Dohmen from Cognizant with some support from Chris Cremault from SearchStax. He talked about a journey of implementing a scalable SOLR search solution. The main takeaway is that implementing a proper search solution and making Sitecore work properly with indexing the right content, and in an efficient way is enough of a challenge itself, without having to worry of setting up a scalable infrastructure for SOLR. Third party solutions to arrange this infrastructure for you is therefore the recommended way by Paul, if you have requirements for a scalable SOLR implementations.

Vitalii Tylyk of We are you talked about Sitecore JSS

performance gain and publication scheduling

The last presentation was about Sitecore Publishing service. It was delivered by Ivan Lieckens from Sitecore, who by the way shared he is the go-to person for European MVP questions, interesting fact! Ivan showed us the immense performance gain that is up for grabs by moving from Sitecore’s traditional content publishing process to a new .NET Core based implementation. For content heavy sites this is a quick and easy win. He also shared insights in a proper content availability and publishing strategy that includes scheduling content on set times and introducing workflows to ensure correct behavior by the publishing functionalities.

We would like to thank all the speakers for sharing their knowledge and inspiring us to look in to new approaches and modules for our projects. And of course, the great audience that makes it worthwhile hosting and presenting during such a nice event. We hope to see you all soon again at the next user group meeting.