"You don't just become Umbraco MVP, you really have to feel a passion"

Dave Woestenborghs
Senior Software Developer
In May this year, Dave Woestenborghs, Senior software developer at We are you was recognised as an Umbraco Most Valued People (MVP) for the fourth year in a row. We spoke to him about his exceptional performance and his experiences with this content management system.
Dave's track record is impressive. Along with winning an MVP title for four consecutive years, he has also been nominated twice for a Package award, one of which he won. The Package award is a prize for those Umbraco Packages that contribute the most to Umbraco. “I've been working with Umbraco for decades, but have been more active in the community for the last six years,” adds Dave, “for the last year I have also been part of a special team within the Umbraco community that reviews contributors' code and screens their particular value to their community. This is how we help to grow the product.

According to Dave the community is the really unique thing about Umbraco. It contributes to the content management system itself. Dave built a package to track where content is used. This prevents a user from deleting content from the system that is used elsewhere on a page. He also built a package that allows YouTube videos to be embedded on a page. He often builds these packages and makes many of his other contributions to the community in his own time. "You have to really enjoy contributing, because becoming an MVP takes a lot of time and energy."

Dave doesn't see it as work. “I see it more as a kind of hobby. I'm a big fan of open source technology. As an open source system, Umbraco is particularly flexible. That is why I chose to immerse myself in Umbraco.” Dave spends time on his "hobby" every day. He is currently working on a number of projects. It's difficult for him to chose his favourite project but the Schouten Nelissen education platform and the "Oypo" platform for photographers are high on his list. “They are complex environments with many roles, rights and a lot of traffic. Umbraco is built for this, which makes it beautiful and challenging to work on. ”
I still have many plans for the future: in particular I want to make an effort to exchange knowledge between the different We are you locations and naturally I want to win another Umbraco award.

- Dave Woestenborghs, We are you