with these 5 measures you will be protected against cybercrime

Customer data abandoned in the street, container terminals in the port of Rotterdam are at a stand-still and hospitals are being paralysed. Cyber crime is increasingly in the news. An economic nightmare, because such attacks often have huge consequences for businesses. Can you still protect your organization against such attacks?


online security, our job

You think about good online security and cover the necessary risks. Nevertheless, it turns out to be less easy in practice to decide upon the correct measures. Which data do you describe as confidential and which is not?


Sometimes a situation seems safe until something changes. Hackers bombard the web with malicious software. Something is updated, or a change of regulations brings new consequences with it like the GDPR. 'We also see website security as our responsibility. We keep track of changes, updates and developments', says Martijn Bos, lead software engineer at We Are You.


'In our line of work, website security is taken for granted. Whether we are working for a multinational or a small business. Whether the organization is working with confidential data or not. Good protection against cyber crime is relevant for every business.'

Good security is important for every organisation. With these 5 measures you can develop a digital product that is future-proof.

which risks do you cover?

If you take out a business insurance policy, you decide for yourself which risks you cover and which you do not. That's not how online security works according to Martijn. He sees it as the task of digital agencies to protect customers and their users as much as they can. 

'In the design phase of a product we map the risks and think about which measures we can use to protect against this. For example, we prevent people from gaining unauthorized access to customer and visitor data that they may misuse, change or modify.

We also take care to ensure that visitors are not misled. For example, because they think they are using a website or app from one organization, while there is another service behind it entirely.' The trick is to incorporate these measures without your organization and your customers noticing them. 

with these 5 measures in place your digital environment will be protected against cybercrime

Have you just started developing a new digital product? Or would you like to examine your current product? These 5 measures help you to set up a rock solid online security system.


Think about security during the design phase


Have safety measures installed during the design phase. This guarantees that your company and your customers will be safe in the future. What's more, you avoid neglecting important processes if you already have a security measure implemented in an existing application. Take advice during the design phase about the different techniques available. Choose a technical solution in which the security is clearly dependable.


Don't forget offline


You regularly read in the news that customer data has fallen into the wrong hands. Sometimes this is due to a software error. But human error is often to blame. A password left on a post it note on a monitor for instance. Or an unprotected computer in an unsecured, empty department. Recognisable? Hopefully not but if it is it may well be time to increase the knowledge and awareness levels among your employees.


Choose robust solutions


You may think that your organization is itself the best guarantee of safety. You are building a system with login data yourself or devising an encryption algorithm. Still, it always pays to opt for existing and robust solutions over your own product. You can not usually make the system as safe as the specialist companies have years of experience would.


Keep technology up to date


With a thorough up-to-date policy throughout your business you can quickly find and repair weak spots in the platform. By regularly updating you can remedy weaknesses in, for example, your version of Windows.  Organise automatic tests, such as a penetration tests. This allows you to continuously monitor whether there are any vulnerabilities in the code.


Hire a security expert


An expert knows the techniques that hackers use to find and exploit weak spots in the system. After a check, they will most often provide valuable insights. 


safely into the digital future

Digital security is constantly changing. Even if only because the techniques we use are constantly changing. Martijn: 'Biometrics is making more of an appearance. Think of the face recognition you use to unlock your phone. Biometrics makes life easier for users, but also brings with it entirely new risks. A leaked fingerprint opens doors literally and figuratively.'


Preventing a cyber attack remains difficult. Software aimed at preventing cybercrime is constantly changing and hackers just keep learning. You will have to continuously monitor your digital product. Don't hesitate to engage the services of a digital agency. We don't just optimize your product to get you more conversions. We also optimize your security systems. That's how you remain safe and secure into the future.