Ahold Delhaize makes pension transparent and understandable through the launch of a new digital platform

Pension is often seen as a difficult and boring subject. People generally do not like it. Ahold Delhaize Pension wants to show that arranging your pension is actually very simple and even quite nice. That is what the new website and the closed 'my environment' of Ahold Delhaize Pensioen provides. Ahold Delhaize Pension wants to make pensions understandable, relevant and transparent, so that participants are able to make the right choices for them. This ambition combined with a re-branding resulted in a personal platform where the employee is centre stage.


Ahold Delhaize Pensioen


bringing pensions closer to the participants and providing insight into their personal pension situation

clear insight into pension

Since the pension platform went live in December 2018, Ahold Delhaize employees have had access to their personal protected environment using their DigiD. Here they can find their pension correspondence and their pension plan. With the specially developed pension planner they can clearly see within 5 steps what the consequences of certain choices are on their pension. The pension planner's result can be saved and / or sent directly to Ahold Delhaize Pension. Participants can also apply for a pension proposal through the platform. This makes arranging your pension much easier.

safety first

The latest security standards and legislation have been taken into account in the development this platform. In accordance with the GPDR / AVG legislation, the environments have been set up in such a way that the We Are you development team has no access to the personal data of participants. Users of the portal must log in with DigiD. The Sitecore platform and all links meet all of the DigiD safety requirements. This ensures that all users can use the platform safely.

"We have found a reliable and expert partner in We are you. Agile working was very new and We are you supervised us very well. Together, we have come to a great, functional concept within the deadlines and on budget. We are very satisfied with the results and the cooperation and look forward to working with We are you on the further development of our digital roadmap."


- Monique van Dulken, Communication Manager Ahold Delhaize Pension