Aruba Bank lifts digital client experience to higher level

On Aruba people handle their financial business at the bank office. A conversation, a smile. That personal contact is very important. Aruba Bank wants to bring that same personal experience online. A modern step, because internet banking is still in its early days in the Dutch Antilles. We helped them with a new client portal, a public website and mobile apps.
aruba bank cherishes personal contact


Aruba Bank


Personal contact


Flexible client journeys

an elevated digital customer experience

The starting point for the development was personal contact. This can be seen in the user experience. Clients can start a process online and complete it with bank representatives at the branch office. An example of one of these processes is a credit card application. It offers the Aruba Bank clients more freedom. The client is in control and the bank employee is enabled. 

big impact with reusable components

Aruba Bank utilizes reusable components, specifically developed for banks, for this digitization. Yet the platform was fully customized. With the acquired knowledge of the customization we enriched our components. We dove into the legislation of a new region, added currencies and global payments and implemented the functionalities from a distance. We’ve gained even more experience in serving clients with international digital ambitions.

reusable components decrease the time to market

ready for future innovations

With our banking platform Aruba Bank benefits from a fundamentally scale-able architecture. They can quickly optimize their client services and (mid office) processes. Robin Peters, Managing Partner We are you Amsterdam: “Our flexible platform offers the ability to quickly support new business models. With this modern solution Aruba Bank can continuously innovate their services towards the future.”
Aruba bank app in hand

 “Our banking platform is flexible. It allows Aruba Bank to support new business models. They also benefit from a highly scalable architecture.”

- Robin Peters, Managing partner We are you Amsterdam