re-branding from NHTV to Breda University of Applied Sciences

After thirty years, the University College scrapped their old name and relaunched as Breda University of Applied Sciences on September 1, 2018. The repositioning of the brand means a completely new strategy, corporate identity and website. The new website represents the entire ecosystem of Breda University of Applied Sciences. From now on, it facilitates all parts of the institution.


Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas)


Re-branding and growth


Fully re-branded website

focus on prospective students

Ben Jaspers

In 2018/2019 the focus for the new website was primarily on prospective students. Therefore the main objective was to facilitate prospective students in enrolling as an active student and ultimately as alumni. To accomplish this the customer journey was first mapped out, with attention paid to the users’ motivation to visit the site. Because of the varied target group and their varied ambitions we developed a well-thought-out navigation and search structure to encompass all the content of the university.

a solid basis for further development

The launch in September 2018 was not the end of the ambitions. Input from various stakeholders formed the basis for the next stage. The remainder of 2019 and 2020 will be used to further the goal to centralize the content, improve the customer journey for prospective students, and to interact more with BUas’ industry partners. We will put an end to the ever growing number of websites for the university and make sure content is served from the ever expanding BUas platform.

“A website is never finished. It is essential that prospective International students can contact Breda University of Applied Sciences 24/7. To be able to respond effortlessly to questions and to meet the many and varied visitor expectations, the online platform is constantly evolving. This requires an active partner who can adapt quickly to new demands. Nobody is waiting for a no-obligation "you pay, we play". The collaboration with We are you is characterized by mutual commitment. “

- Arjen Pijfers, Product Owner