consumer predictions based on data

In 2017, DESTIL wanted to realize a substantial part of its turnover, at least 20%, online and also increase the conversion ratio.

The completely new app and webshop are the means that DESTIL has used to realize this.




optimization based on data analysis


personalization and self-learning ability to show customers a more fitting overview

In the field of e-commerce there are many trends to choose from for your company. DESTIL is well aware of the characteristics and needs of the target group. One of those needs is inventory management at a construction site. Keeping a container organized and also ordering the new stock on time was accompanied by a lot of administration and phone calls to the office staff.

Together with We are you, DESTIL has chosen the CMS Sitecore and the current platform uses all the possibilities that Sitecore has in the field of personalization. We make a difference between potential and existing customers by, among other things, showing a different homepage. The DESTIL scan app makes it possible to scan the products directly and place an order immediately. The process is the same as the webshop and therefore the customer experiences the same convenience.

In the first quarter after going live, the platform already received international recognition with a Sitecore Experience Award in the Contextual Intelligence: Best data-driven website category. The jury was impressed by the innovative way of thinking and design of the platform, this is what made it so different from other nominees. For example, online data analysis is also used to optimize the range of locations.
“We know each other all the way through. Communicating goes fast and the work is done mostly on location. The two back-end developers, Younes and Christian, know our business logic as if they were a DESTIL employee themselves. This is really great, because you cannot simply explain this complicated material. ”

- Diederick Hagemeijer, manager e-Commerce DESTIL