arrange your water matters online at Dunea

Clean, healthy and reliable drinking water straight from the tap. Produced in harmony with nature and the environment. It’s completely normal in the Netherlands. But it wouldn’t be possible without water companies like Dunea. Dunea has been managing the dunes in the western part of South Holland for over 140 years and is responsible for producing and supplying drinking water to around 1.3 million domestic and business customers.

Along with their reputation for quality, the drinking water supplier wants to stand out because of the quality of their services, constant innovation and through listening carefully to their customers. An optimal digital platform where you can arrange all of your water matters quickly and easily is essential. In collaboration with We are you, Dunea developed a new Sitecore-based platform that gives insight into water issues for all customers and information about recreational opportunities in the nature reserves. 




New personalized platform that gives insight into water issues

increase in conversion

Via and Mijn Dunea, you have 24/7 insight into your water connection and any current or requested contracts. You can also inform Dunea of a change of address and view your invoices and the status of any payments. The numbers here speak for themselves with an increase from 35% to almost 80% of visitors who report their move online instead of by telephone. Customer satisfaction surveys show that the new online environment is much more in line with customer expectations and wishes.

as personal as possible

This is probably because the Dunea and We are you professionals are constantly analyzing and optimizing the processes that the customer experiences online. Using the data from Dunea's CRM, website behavior and market developments, all customers are approached and helped as personally as possible. 

real partnership

The collaboration between Dunea and We are you goes far beyond a traditional client-supplier relationship. Numerous processes are running at the same time and that demands flexibility. That is why our colleagues work on location at Dunea. 

energetic collaboration

Project leader Arjen Molenaar is satisfied with the collaboration: "It's noticeable that We are you has a lot of industry knowledge." Product Owner Marijn Post of Dunea adds: “The We are you team have really got to know the material inside out and have become experts in internal processes and links with ERP. We rely heavily on this for the further development of customer interaction. We are you is also open and transparent. Communication is easy and direct. We are always open, respectful and honest. There's space for criticism, we can make mistakes but also have some fun. This creates a positive atmosphere with great energy. For me, this is the best way to move forward, together."