long queues are a thing of the past with the Efteling Boarding Pass

Long queues at an attraction. Research shows that this is one of the least favourite parts of a day at Efteling. Especially on busy summer days. An hour and a half in the queue is not exceptional. Efteling wanted to solve the problem of time spent if queues for their guests. Not by charging extra money for priority tickets, but just by preventing the formation of long queues. In collaboration with Efteling we created a new, unique way of queueing for the Python: the free Boarding Pass.





reduce Python waiting times


long waiting time reduced to a maximum of 15 minutes

reserve a place in advance

Using the Boarding Pass, you can reserve a time slot for a ride in the Python via the Efteling app or from the ticket machine at the attraction. So even on busy days you are in the queue for a maximum of 15 minutes. You can use the time that you would have otherwise spent in the queue for something else. For example, relaxing at a cafe or visiting another attraction.

more than software development

We had three months to realise the concept of the Boarding Pass before the test went live. To create the Boarding Pass time slot reservation system, we integrated all manner of software and hardware systems: the app, the CRM, Sitecore, the ticket machines, and so on. The development went far beyond technical integration; we were also involved offline. Our designers designed the ticket machines' interface, the physical tickets and the screens at the entrance gates where you are welcomed.

hard data and research

During the test period we measured and analysed how people used the Boarding Pass in a number of ways. As soon as guests left the park, for example, they received a notification from the app asking whether they would like to take part in a survey. The employees of the Python also completed an evaluation form at the end of the day answering questions such as: 'What is the most positive and negative thing that you have heard?' We also used the data from the underlying systems; the number of Boarding Pass tickets obtained through the app or from the machine and the number of changes or cancellations made.


Positive reactions from guests

The reactions during the first months of the test were positive Efteling has since deployed the Boarding Pass system on 'busy days': days when a higher number of visitors are expected. On those days, guests with the Boarding Pass are in the queue for a maximum of 15 minutes. In the meantime, we continue to actively monitor, optimize and develop the Boarding Pass further, with the ultimate goal being: to deliver an optimal guest experience.

"Queueing is in most people's mindsets. I have seen people that have reserved a time slot for the Python then ask: 'where should I stand now?' If the employee at the Python explains that they can now go and enjoy a coffee or visit a different attraction they often respond: 'Oh, that's great. I didn't even think of that."

-Jop van Amelsfoort, Product Owner Efteling

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