efteling, always and everywhere

This is not just any case. This is one of Efteling. The most magical place, a place that is always full of surprises. Efteling and We are you present: the Efteling kids app. Every child in the Netherlands can now experience the magic of Efteling every day and everywhere. 




new, secure media channel with content for children between 3 and 6 years old


90% likeability

kids decide

Why a kids app? Children are the most influential people in a family. After all, kids decide where to go on 70% of day trips. They are also often the chief driving force behind a trip to Efteling. 

new channel

Naturally you can't come to Efteling every day. That's why we are bringing Efteling to your kids, at home. The more frequent contact with Efteling helps to create a bond of familiarity and creates an easy preference at key decision moments. We do this by making a range of Efteling content continuously available. It is free of charge and a part of the daily lives of young children via our new media channel. This is a private channel that is 100% safe. Its equipped with the essential parental controls (timer and volume limiter) and full of content that is carefully managed by Efteling. All of this magic is in an app, since research shows that more than 57% of the youngest children already enjoy using smartphones and tablets.

exciting content

The iOS and Android app are developed in React Native. The favourite activities of young children between 3 and 6 years old have got pride of place. All of the activities are matched to the cognitive phase of the children and have a little bit Efteling magic. 

  • watch films
  • puzzles 
  • play games
  • colouring in 
  • take photographs

The user-friendly Efteling kids app is carefully designed so that children can intuitively find their way, based on symbols. Where necessary, a voice tells them what to do. They play games that are designed to stimulate their cognitive and motor skills and they can listen to reading books. They can colour their favourite Efteling residents and watch a variety of videos, for example, they can step on board one of the rides or watch the knights of the Raveleijnshow. That is how we bring together the magic of Efteling and the activities that children love, in a safe, commercial-free and controllable environment. 

exceeded all expectations

And with great results. We have achieved all of our objectives: 57,902 downloads in the first 3 months (against a target of 30,000), 17 minutes of usage per play session (against a target of 12 minutes), 26% retention after 7 days (against a target of 20%), and 21% retention (against a target of 10%) ).  There are also a number of interesting results that exceeded our expectations. 35% of Dutch children know the Efteling kids app. The app likeability is rated at 90%. Children indicate that they enjoy watching videos of attractions and rides that they themselves don't dare to ride, or are not allowed to enter.

From now on, Efteling is available all the time and everywhere, even for the youngest fans. One of the next steps in the development of the app is making the content customizable in Sitecore, the platform that Efteling uses to manage all its apps and websites.

There is always more magic. We are continuously working on improving and expanding the app with inspiring new content and magical functionalities.