digital progress with Enexis

If you live in Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, Noord-Brabant or Limburg, you have probably seen an Enexis Netbeheer van driving on your street. Enexis supplies more than 3 million households and companies with electricity and gas. With state-of-the-art services and networks, Enexis supplies affordable, renewable energy safely, everywhere and all of the time. As an online partner, We are you assists Enexis Netbeheer in the digital field with personalization of their customer interactions.




personalization interaction with consumers and companies

Umbraco and Sitecore

Collaboration with the Enexis Group, the holding company of which Enexis Netbeheer is part of , started in 2016 with three new Umbraco websites for Enexis Group, Enexis Huis and Enpuls. A year later we were also invited to work for Enexis Netbeheer for the redesign and migration of their website from SharePoint to Sitecore.

integration of internal and external services

The biggest challenge lay in the integration of various internal and external services: SAP, the payment system, the real-time overview of current faults, the postcode check and the call centre software. These are all services that are intended to provide consumers and companies with up-to-date information about Enexis. We also automated various manual forms to speed up and optimize the internal processes and the user experience.

a personalized answer immediately

The Enexis website gives you immediate answers to all of your questions that are specific to your own situation, based on your address and your postcode. When is the fitting of smart meters planned for your postcode? If it is not yet planned, how can you order a smart meter yourself? How much do you pay for network provision? What should you do in the event of a fault or service interruption? You can leave feedback about the service you have received immediately after you have found the answer to your question.


Since the launch of the new website the dedicated agile team of Enexis and We are you professionals have been working every day on the continuing optimalization and on new developments. The team monitors the performance of the website, analyses the behaviour of visitors and fine-tunes the content, such as implementing the smarter organization of the frequently asked questions pages. The latter has resulted in a decrease of questions via the customer contact centre of no less than 50%. Together we are continuously building upon the digital progress of Enexis.