Erasmus MC: patient care, research and education

answer the various questions of visitors in an accessible way. That is the main goal for Erasmus MC. Based on continuous user feedback and special user testing, we will keep on working on improving the usability of the website in the future.

The new website is well-arranged and displays the correct information quickly.
Erasmus MC: Patient care, research and education


Erasmus MC


bring information and patients together


patients find information much faster

Erasmus MC started with a pilot website for the Sophia Children's Hospital, part of the Erasmus MC. Employees, patients and those involved gave feedback on the new site. The learnings that we have extracted from this first step, were implemented directly in the new site of the Sophia Children's Hospital. In addition, these insights have been included in the development of the templates for the website of the Cancer Institute and the corporate Erasmus MC website.
the purpose of the website is to provide an answer quickly to the various questions from visitors.

We are you has set up a new Sitecore CMS for this, moved the hosting and optimized it. In addition, the content was restructured, revised and refined within a new structure and the new look & feel.

Product owner Reinier Etienne enthusiastically: “For this new website, the wishes of website visitors came first. Patients want a compact website with a clear structure to easily find the information they need. Customer friendliness takes precedence over completeness or long pieces of text. It is also important that the site works well on mobile and tablet. We also pay a lot of attention to safety and accessibility requirements. ”

The site contains, among other things, the five hundred most visited Erasmus MC web pages. Obviously, availability of information in healthcare is crucial, so all information on the old site will remain available for another year via the search function and a link on the homepage of the new website. At the end of the year all relevant content will have to be transferred to the new site.

“The Erasmus MC was ready for a fresh, new website with a modern look. The visitors played an important role while developing the website. That stays that way. With their involvement we can continue to improve the site. "

- Mireille Spapens, head of Marketing and Communication Erasmus MC
Erasmus MC: Patient care, research and education