Essent, long live home

Like their competitors, Essent operates in a marketplace that has become saturated in recent years. As an energy company, it is increasingly important to offer your customers more than just electricity and gas. Working together with Essent, we made the difference by introducing an extra layer of service and ease of use with the Home platform.




Smart Home Platform


Scalable app and middleware

raising awareness of energy consumption

Emil Korngold
With daily insights into your energy consumption, you can avoid unpleasant surprises when you receive your annual statement (also known as "bill-shocking"). It makes the consumer aware of their energy consumption and motivates them to make adjustments. If you have solar panels, the Home platform not only provides insight into consumption, but also insight into the energy you supply.

control smart devices

With Essent Home you control all of your "smart" devices in one place, such as your thermostat and your lighting. The app currently supports Philips Hue, INNR lighting, Nest Learning Thermostat and a number of Honeywell thermostats. There are many more devices and product categories on the roadmap. The real power of this all-in-one solution is that you can adjust all those devices with the push of a button. So you can be ready quickly when you get home or when you go on holiday.

the entire landscape

During the development of the mobile application more devices were added. This provided the app with ever more logic. In consultation with Essent we decided to move this business logic to a middleware application, also built by We are you. The brains of the app are now in the cloud. This means that the app is easier to maintain and we can add new devices without the need for an app update. In partnership with Essent we continue to expand and improve the platform. 

"We are you is innovating with us. That's why the Essent Home app is one of the first apps that supports Google Assistent, with Google's blessings of course."

- Rob Niemantsverdriet, Product Owner Essent Thuis