Famed dramatically improves speed of service through digitization

Famed has been the market leader in the provision of financial services for the care sector since 1988. As a specialist in administration, invoicing and collection, Famed takes over all of the most time-consuming administrative tasks from healthcare providers. Famed really wants to help and unburden. Full invoicing, including cost declaration to health insurers, is taken over by Famed. The healthcare professional can really concentrate on their core task: providing care. Becoming a Famed client was a process that took an average of 57 days. Together we reduced this dramatically.




welcoming new clients in less time


from 57 days to 7 minutes

For many years, the process of welcoming new clients took up a lot of time. The whole process involved many manual activities. The potential client was visited by an account manager during this process. The contract between Famed and the client had to be signed in the presence of the account manager and the client’s interested party. This did not fit in at all with the proposition that Famed intended: unburdening the client.

In 2017 Famed decided to drastically revise and digitize this process. A more streamlined and efficient process should help to shift the focus to the client and make it easier to be proactive. We are you have a world of experience in the digitization of customer registration processes. We are you also has a lot of experience of collaborating with companies that provide financial and legally complex services. This made We are you the ideal partner to support Famed on a strategic level.

We are you and Famed mapped the customer journey and analysed the stages that the potential customer faced. Based upon this We are you designed a prototype in just two months to support Famed. We then put the correct professionals in place and started integration preparation for the realisation of the site. For example, the site has an integration with the Chamber of Commerce and checks the customers creditworthiness via Company.info and Vektis. The contracts are signed via Ondertekenen.nl from Evidos and all customer data and contract information is stored securely in Afas CRM. This prototype was the starting point for Immense, the company that built the onboarding tool for Famed.

We are you supported Famed in devising and developing the concept

When we inquire about the experience of with working with We are you, Jeroen van Geelen, business development manager at Famed answers: 'We are you really helped us to think outside of the box for solutions. They devised a concept but also put the right partnerships in place to best realize that concept. '

‘The new environment, doesn't just cut the time it takes for a care giver to become a client. The process is also much less expensive. This has given us the opportunity to approach and to take on new clients for whom the costs previously were too high. The digitisation has also contributed to increased transparency and uniformity in our agreements with our clients. This is great for both the client and for Famed.’

Arthur Duffels (CEO Immense) “The process was thoughtfully designed and planned, that’s essential if you want to build a great system.”