integrated experience

Gyms can make you feel apprehensive. But when you first step foot inside a Fernwood club, you feel confident and understood. With over 30 years of experience, Fernwood are the experts in women's health. Operating over 70 gyms across Australia, this is Australia’s place to go to achieve your fitness goals and shine. 


Fernwood Women's Gyms, Health and Fitness Clubs


integrated experience and online only memberships during Covid-19


the digital platform provides flexibility, improved experiences and relationships, easier management, and reduced ongoing costs

the challenge

Fernwood grew explosively over the last decades, as did her systems. A variety of external systems and inhouse software was built and managed. Fernwood’s members had to find their way across multiple websites, with all the attendant hurdles that come with a fragmented customer experience. 

The need to simplify and improve this situation was evident. We are you was asked to lead an international program of work. The recently-upgraded lead-generation website, had to start doing double-duty. Firstly, it needed to become an integrated digital platform connected to the new CRM, Exerp, the Technogym MyWellness Cloud and Emarsys. Secondly, it needed to become a home for myFernwood, the exclusive member section offering a wide range of self service and exclusive content. 

short timelines

Timelines were short, and different agencies worked on it across the globe through different time zones: Australia, Italy and Denmark. There were late nights in every timezone. We are you created a virtual scrumteam at Fernwood Melbourne HQ, with Fernwood’s IT department, Fernwood’s marketing team, and the international teams of other vendors.

The upgraded Sitecore 9 platform was integrated with the Exerp CRM, with enhancements by creating a single-sign-on through all parts of the customer journey. The revamped digital platform offers an enhanced user experience for members. They can now access their preferences, personal and payment data, meal plans and exercise programs. 

ready for the future 

Simplifying Fernwood’s IT infrastructure bore quick results: lower costs, less time spent in maintenance, and a reduction in the number of websites that Fernwood needed to manage on a day-to-day basis. The Fernwood digital platform is ready for the future and provides flexibility, improved experiences, easier management, and reduced ongoing costs. 


phase 2, Covid-19

After delivering Phase1, our world changed rapidly due to Covid-19. Under Victoria’s strict Covid-19 lockdown regulations, members would want to maintain their connection with their gym, maintain their healthy diet, and return to the gym only when it’s safe to do so. Facilitating this connection would be essential to ensuring that Fernwood maintained its customer base and remained viable.

online only memberships

We are you worked hand in hand with Fernwood Fitness to create a new 'online only' membership type during the Covid-19 period. This membership type includes all of the additional benefits that come with Fernwood membership (coaching, healthy recipes, home workout routines) while not charging the full gym-attendance membership fee.
New Fernwood members can access all of the brand promise of Fernwood during the Covid-19 period, creating and maintaining a relationship between Fernwood and their audience.

As Covid-19 restrictions ease, We are you has also built a booking and check-in system for Fernwood gyms that ensures that members can be assured that they can exercise at the gym of their choice, while maintaining compliance with the guidelines, regarding the number of gym-goers that can safely attend any location at once.


Fernwood has maintained and improved its relationship with its target market and emerged safely from the Covid-19 period, by ensuring their members know that Fernwood locations are safe, that they are maintaining healthy guidelines regarding distancing, and that their brand promise is fulfilled even during the Covid-19 crisis.
We are you have been a great source of support in an extremely challenging time for our business. We thought our partnership to work on the upgrade of all of our systems was going to be a challenge in itself. However to add the COVID-19 experience on top of this with the ever-changing regulations for gyms We are you were quick to be on the front foot and support our business in any way possible. We are you assisted to improve our systems to support the climate as well as offering suggestions and business tools to ensure we continued to stay ahead of the game with our business model.

Caitlin Jury, General Manager of Operations and Marketing