get all visitors to the right place at Fontys

During the open days the number of visitors on mobile increases to 50%. The website therefore had to respond to trends in the field of mobile optimization. In addition, the site must optimally support the younger target group of Fontys in making the right study choice.


Fontys University of Applied Sciences


the right student in the right place, also on mobile


a solid mobile first strategy and design

Bea van Meurs (consultant marketing and communication Fontys Hogescholen) indicates that the number of visitors who access their website with a smartphone is increasing. Fontys wants to be where the target group is. The number of smartphone visitors is normally 28% and during open days this percentage goes up to 50%.

In order to continue to connect with young people, it is necessary to regularly renewal. In February 2018, Fontys and We are you Tilburg, started reviewing the responsive design, which was already designed in 2015. Development started at the end of March 2018. The solution took 5.5 months to implement, divided into seven sprints and one sprint to go live. In addition to the mobile first strategy, the current desktop version has also been refreshed and modernized.
The Fontys responsive team consisted 12 (!) team members from Fontys, GX-Software and We are You. A special project room was set up at the Fontys location in Eindhoven, where the entire team worked two days a week. For the Fontys team this was the first experience with Scrum and all team members have experienced this as educational, but especially as a lot of fun.

According to Bea, working together on their location has been of great added value. This allowed them to communicate very quickly and everyone knew exactly what was most important at that time:

“It was really a huge pro that we started this project all together at the same time, so that everyone felt really responsible for the results. To stay in digital terms, this is real commitment. It never felt like a supplier-customer relationship. It is a product of three collaborating companies. And we are all equally proud! ”

- Bea van Meurs, marketing and communication consultant at Fontys Hogescholen