digital transformation of De Goudse Verzekeringen

De Goudse is an independent insurer and aims to be the best business insurer in the Netherlands. Providing the optimal customer experience to the various target groups is central to this. As digital strategic partner, we assist De Goudse Verzekeringen in their digital transformation process.


De Goudse Verzekeringen


digital transformation

transformation on all levels

Digital transformation is an important and complex subject. It requires attention at various levels within the organization. At De Goudse we started at board level. We made a sketch of the ideal scenario. The digital strategy followed. To successfully implement this new strategy, the organization had to be streamlined. A new digital platform was required. The aim of new digital platform is to provide the customer with personalised service.
a new strategy required a new platform
In order to best implement the strategy, we put teams together for development, content creation and online marketing. Progress was monitored by our consultants in collaboration with various stakeholders within De Goudse. It is extremely important to keep everyone "on board" and focused on the long term goals. While successes, both large and small were shared, we also shared what wasn't working and what could be improved with more information. This allowed us to achieve our goals and kept everyone informed of developments. Functionalities were delivered in short sprints and employees of De Goudse were trained so that they could get started.
agile working and open communication yields continuous results

continuous optimization

One of our strategists worked with the in-house online marketing team which ensured that everything and everyone followed the set strategy. We continuously monitor the results and implement any necessary improvements. This constant optimization works like a flywheel. Every target group receives a cohesive, clear message in text and images. With the long-term vision always in mind, decisions are made every day based upon the hard data and what is required to better achieve the set goals. It is a successful example of continuous optimization.
Result-driven collaboration contributes to a successful digital transformation
"We have developed a real partnership, both in terms of strategy and the realization of the digital platform. We will continue to work closely together in the future on the optimization of the platform, in order to further improve the possibilities and user experience."

- Caro de Jong - de Goudse verzekeringen