save time and money for HORNBACH professionals online

HORNBACH has one mission: to be number 1 in the construction project market. How? By providing the very best service day in day out. The hardware store knows better than anyone what you need during the implementation of your project, and has an entire organization geared toward this. Whether you are a consumer, self-employed or a small business, you are supported from the orientation phase through to the realization. Since 2011 the ProfiService, has offered Professionals a customized service that saves time and money. Part of this service is the ProfiCard, a customer card that enables the user to buy on account. We are you were commissioned a few years ago to optimize and digitize the underlying paper processes, including in the form of an online platform.





Automate Profi client application procedure and easier Profi customer management for the Profi managing board and advisor


Increase in sales directly after launchj

concept and realization

HORNBACH were looking for a Drupal partner for the development of the platform. It was imperative that this partner could also translate the existing concept into the technical realization. We are you emerged as the perfect match. In collaboration with HORNBACH, we automated the registration procedure for business clients, outsourced debt management to Focum, and took the lead in building the platform. 

insight into all of your purchases and payments went live in 2017, a unique, scalable platform that immediately generated higher revenues in the first month. Thanks to the platform, tradesmen can leave their wallets at home and buy on account at HORNBACH. They can also easily view and pay invoices online, amend their card limit, and they also have the facility to manage their accounts and request additional ProfiCards. For HORNBACH's professional advisers and management, this platform provides insight and access into all customer accounts. 

keep optimizing 

The platform did not go unnoticed within the Drupal community, winning prizes at the Drupal Splash Awards of 2018 in the Tools & Apps category. Since going live, HORNBACH and We are you continue to work  every day on improving the experience and ease of use on the platform. 


"As a Project Manager, I am very proud that I was part of the success of this platform; An extensive and challenging project in collaboration with several specialized parties. "

-  Ben Jaspers, Senior Project Manager Drupal Team