IAK Verzekeringen puts clients in driver seat

Taking out insurance where en whenever your client wants. Notifying the insurer of changes when the client has time. With the new client portal the clients of IAK Verzekeringen (now AON) experienced an even better online service. We developed this client environment and helped IAK create the optimal client experience.
making an online insurance claim with IAK


IAK Verzekeringen


create the best client experience


an award winning omnichannel experience

more possibilities for clients

In the new client portal the customers of IAK can experience more options. They can purchase any of the 19 risk products themselves, review their policy portfolio and notify IAK of changes.

This in turn reduces the workload for the client services department at IAK and opens up time and resources for personal advice on complex client questions.

the best client experience with Sitecore and InsuranceRight

We built the experience with CMS platform Sitecore and InsuranceRight. This eliminated some fundamental concerns, since the solution reduces the time to market considerably. Within days you can go live with a new product.

InsuranceRight  combined with Sitecore  also provides the marketeers at IAK with more control and room to give direction. Without interference of an IT department they can launch campaigns, test and optimize. InsuranceRight produces a flexible work environment, allowing insurers and insurance brokers to swiftly act on market developments. 

it benefits both IAK clients and employees

Sitecore Experience Award

The solution received a  Sitecore award for ‘Best use of Omnichannel Automation 2016’. This award recognizes a Sitecore deployment that reaches prospects and/or customers across a breadth of channels or touchpoints. The channels are linked to provide the customer with a truly seamless experience, even when they decide to switch channels. 

The portal won a Sitecore Experience Award

selecting insurance in the IAK environment