more customer loyalty with the newly designed MyKia app

No more looking for the manual in the glove box again when you need to replace a light bulb. Get reminders when your car needs a mini or full service. Make a service appointment with your dealer or request a test drive simply and quickly. It can all be done via the MyKia app. For Kia Motors Europe (KME), this app is becoming increasingly important for the dealer-driver relationship. The car brand asked We are you to expand the original app with push notifications and the possibility to become a member of MyKia. It soon became apparent that more was required to maintain the relationship with Kia drivers through the app.


Kia Motors Europe


more customer loyalty

the old app

The first version of the MyKia app was created by the IT service provider Hyundai AutoEver Europe, Kia's Korean in-house IT partner. They built the app front-end, programmed where text was displayed and managed the app. At that time We are you only delivered the data and developed and implemented the business logic from the MyKia back office, which had about 20 connected systems.

responding to the trend

Since the first app went live, a shift has been made from the website to the app for new Kia drivers. KME wanted to respond to this, by making it possible to become a member of MyKia just like on the website. The client also wanted to be able to send push notifications via Sitecore, for example to remind the Kia drivers of their yearly inspection. KME called on We are you for this development. 

overview, structure and scalability

The goal of this expansion: stimulating new sales and encouraging customer loyalty. The approach to the Kia driver had to become more personal and specific. KME also saw the app as a platform for personal consent management in accordance with the AVG legislation. In other words: the Kia driver must have the opportunity to indicate quickly and easily what information they would like to receive and by whom they would like to be approached.

the impulse on usability

In our view, however, two issues stood in the way of these ambitions: the user-friendliness and scalability of the app at that time. The app had a cumbersome, unclear navigation structure, with buttons everywhere that led to more sub buttons. Our UX designer therefore made a new design, in which he restructured all current and new functionalities in four chapters: My vehicle, My service, My Kia news and My profile. Based upon these designs, KME opted for a complete redesign that delivered a huge improvement from a user's perspective. 


re-design implementation

It was not at all easy to implement the redesign together with Hyundai AutoEver Europe in the then app. It would take a lot of development time because everything was programmed native. Time KME did not have, because the car brand wanted to respond quickly to the shift from web to app. 

more flexibility and faster adjustments

That is why we decided on an approach that has gone on to deliver more and more interim flexibility. This means that we can build more components in Sitecore and then load them into the app via an API service. This also means that fewer app releases are needed to make quick adjustments, such as adding new promotions, campaigns or national services. Thanks in part to this approach, in collaboration with KME, we can continue to improve the MyKia app experience and provide the Kia driver with ever more convenience.

“Since the redesign of the MyKia app, our role has increased when it comes to the development of the app channel. We don't just supply the data, but are also the regular partner for the design and UX, just as with the web platform. In collaboration with KME, we continuously review how we can display the data and information as attractively as possible within the app."
- Micha Berkman, Product owner