the new portal for the best choice in MBO education

How hard is it to find the right MBO education? How do you decide on your future profession? The ministry of education and the SBB (collaborating organization of professional education) want to help young people find the right answers to these questions.




making large quantities of information available fast and easy


award nominating comparison site

In close collaboration with Ape to Zebra, Design For Life, BlendedWorks and kids from the target audience We are you developed the platform KiesMBO. The central location for all information on choosing an education and a profession when it comes to MBO. helps young people in their journey to selecting one out of 500 available educations. What makes this platform unique is that the future students can access their information through multiple journeys.

The increase in visitors and large number of people that completed the interests test indicate that the platform answers to a need and can already be considered a great success.

KiesMBO application