450 scenarios for super-fast internet from KPN NetwerkNL

The ground is full of new possibilities. In collaboration with We are you, KPN NetwerkNL attracted the attention of both consumers and businesses, in the form of two personalized websites: eindelijkglasvezel.nl and kpnnetwerk.nl. Using these websites you can see if you can access fibre optic or broadband copper line at your address and then compare all of the available internet providers independently. At first glance, they appear to be simple sites, but they are home to over 450 different connection scenarios for private and business addresses in the Netherlands. The team gave these websites a complete redesign in 2018.
super-fast internet from KPN NetwerkNL


KPN NetwerkNL 


attracting new customers through independent advice


strategy, (UX) design, conversion optimalisation and technical realisation

extensive postcode check

Behind all of the different scenarios is an extensive postcode check. This check is linked via web services to various external systems that are also used by contractors, project developers and providers. These systems provide information about availability at your address, the availability of fibre optic, any future fibre optic plans, which VDSL alternatives you have, and so on.

Building this availability check was not an easy task for the development team, consisting of both KPN NetwerkNL and We are you employees. The large amount of data required for this is housed in many different systems and the data changes quickly. For example, the status of specific postal codes can change from one day to the next, because they are now connected to fibre optic network. How can you test for all 450 of those situations? A virtual web service, or a mock-up of the existing web services, was the solution for this. This enabled the team to simulate all scenarios and to achieve a level of 100% testability.

Despite the complex processing of constantly changing data, we provided a 100% testable environment

also offline

The development team wasn't just involved in the redesign and technical realisation of the two websites. The team also thought about how to get consumers and businesses to visit the websites and made an offline plan for the first months. A specific marketing approach was made for each target group.

my environment and continuing personalization

Now both kpnnetwerk.nl and eindelijkglasvezel.nl are live, the focus of the team is on the continuing personalization of the websites. This means that every target group gets their own place on the sites and can find specific information about their own situation. Whether it's a nursing home, school, hospital, company, the owner of an existing house or the buyer of a new house.
"Working with The Product Owner, Content Managers and Network Manager of KPN NetwerkNL and Reggefiber feels just like working with colleagues. They work with us several days a week here in Den Bosch, working on the websites or discussing the online strategy and marketing campaigns. It’s great to see, because they travel from far and wide to come here. The short lines of communication are a contributing factor to our results."

- Nico Lubbers, Lead Software Engineer