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Peace, space and nature. Discover what green can do. That's why 2.4 million people book a holiday home or camping pitch at Landal GreenParks every year. Guests prefer to plan their activities and day trips on the day itself. In the past the paper park guide was an unmissable practical help. There has been a digital version since 2017: an extensive app that offers a lot more than the park guide. Thanks to this app Landal guests have everything they need to make their holiday easier and more fun right at their fingertips. 


Landal GreenParks


offering guests convenience and improving hospitality


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improve hospitality

What do you expect of an app during your stay? And what would you like? These are the questions that the Landal and We are you app team asked the guests at the Landal GreenParks Hof van Saksen in Drenthe.  Through personal interviews and surveys, the team discovered that guests do not want to plan far ahead during their holidays. Guests prefer to make their plans the day before or on the day itself. 

Guests also want to use the app to plan activities and to arrange other matters. The app cannot be the only mode of contact. Personal contact is essential both from the perspective of the guests and Landal GreenParks. The app must enhance hospitality, not replace it. 

every park is different

Based upon the guest's expectations and the objectives of Landal GreenParks, the app team designed and developed a native iOS and Android app for all Landal GreenParks parks and Hof van Saksen. A challenge, because every park is unique and has their own target group. The app team opted for the cross platform technical solution Xamarin. This allows the development of native apps for both iOS and Android with one programming language (C #). The result is an app with a native user interface, where most of the code is reusable.

convenience on and around the park

The app has been in the stores since November 2017 and guests from more than 80 parks have experienced the convenience and features of the app. The app will show you which activities are available, how and where to get tickets and is full of handy tips to help you to explore the local area. You can also look at the park's restaurants and make reservations. Have you seen an activity that you don't want to miss? Save it as a favourite and you will receive a reminder before the activity starts.  

logic and system links

With an intuitive interface, guests do not get lost in the extensive range of activities and facilities. Logic and system links around opening times and reservations contribute to the user-friendliness of the app and ensure that the information is relevant for guests. For example, via a link with Tablebooker, the app checks whether there is still a table available at the restaurant at a specific time. 



smart technology keeps the app relevant and user-friendly despite the extensive range

review in the apple store

"Great app for just before your holiday. You can see what there is to do. Ever if you're already there can see what's on and when."

always better attuned to the guest

Along with the roll-out of the app to include the other parks, the team continues to adapt and expand the app based upon the objectives of Landal GreenParks, the user data and interim test results. This allows us to get to know the guests requirements even better. We then continuously adapt the app to the needs and wishes of both guests and employees.