Layher: in addition to smart scaffolding systems, a smart webshop

Layher is the market leader in scaffolding systems. In order to remain progressive within the industry, Layher wants to give their office staff and customers more insight into the order history, order status, stock and delivery time of the various products. This way, the focus of the office staff can be on service.
Layher event




give insight in order (history), stock and delivery time


internal departments focus on service

Given the market position and size of Layher, the online presence could use an update. The users of the platform consist of various users such as:

  • Contractors / work planners
  • Scaffolding builders industry / construction
  • Event builders
  • The clients client
We are you has built the platform on the CMS Sitecore on the basis of various strategy sessions in collaboration with Layher. With the new website, Layher is taking a new path: customers can go through their entire ordering process on the website. This not only allows Layher to better meet customer demand, but it also gives the office staff more time to focus on service.

The quality of the service has improved since the new Layher webshop in terms of convenience, speed and insight for customers. The product and service offering from Layher is better integrated into the system and easier to find for customers. Customers can operate more independently and the office staff can focus on increasing the service level. In this way, revelers can once again enjoy the beautiful parties made possible by the Layher scaffolding.

"A platform like this does not yet exist in the scaffolding industry."

- Gijs Hendrickx, developer We Are You 
Layher webshop