LEGO World app

35,000 square metres with millions of LEGO bricks. The LEGO World event at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht is the world's biggest LEGO extravaganza. As well as playing with LEGO, thousands of young and adult fans can admire life-size buildings, learn to code, personalise a LEGO brick and much more. You can find where everything is quickly and easily with the LEGO World app. We designed and developed this new app in collaboration with LEGO Benelux. 



LEGO Benelux


flexible, scalable app with a LEGO experience

Along with the interactive map, the app also contains current news, information about live artist performances and LEGO building tips. There's even a treasure hunt that you can play live as you move through the LEGO halls in the exhibition building.

headless CMS

Everything in the app can be changed by employees of LEGO Benelux themselves, without the need for a new release in the app stores. They can even make changes during the event, whether it's changing the points of interest or uploading a completely new map. This is all made possible through a headless CMS that is hosted on the Amazon platform, and in which the app has access to the information via GraphQL.

simplicity and scalability 

Thanks to the headless CMS the app is easy to scale up or down and can be reused for other LEGO events. Even though the LEGO World event was yet to happen, there were already plans for the advance development of new features. 


"A flexible, scalable app with a LEGO experience that can be used by thousands of visitors at the same time. By opting for development in React Native with AWS cloud service while using a headless CMS, we could get this going in just a few sprints. It was more about configuring than programming."

-  Micha Berkman, Product Owner