Meeùs gets higher conversion with e-business platform

Satisfied customers are the foundation of a successful business. Meeùs (now AON) knows this like no other. That’s why they invest in a modern e-business platform. With this they can provide their clients with advice on loans, savings and mortgages even faster. We provided the concepting, re-design and development of this online platform.
somebody with car trouble




A flexibel e-business platform


Better conversion and more qualified leads

more ease of use online

The new client portal is more user friendly. Clients can enter a car or travel insurance contract by themselves. In the Myzone they can review and change their insurance. Clients can also make a claim for damages or theft using the mobile app. Of course the digital service is complemented by personal advice by Meeùs representatives for the more complex products like mortgages.

cost efficiency and more qualified leads

We used content management system Sitecore  for this platform. This is a modular platform and all components are reusable. That makes it flexible and cost efficient. The cms is easy to maintain and manage. Meeùs can use it to serve other labels as well. Thanks to the digital marketing capabilities higher conversion rates are achieved and the platform brings in more qualified leads.

the marketing capabilities lead to more results

leading in online innovation and growth 

The platform enables Meeùs to respond to client expectations and market developments more quickly. They’ve already included an emergency app for clients in need of immediate assistance. Expansion with online tools, like a financial dashboard, product comparison and tests is easy. It stimulates interaction with clients and puts Meeùs at the forefront of online innovation and growth.
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"In a very short period of time We are you has designed and built the complete Sitecore e-business platform for us. The conversion rates are really good and it has generated more business for us."

Eric Nijman, Manager E-commerce & Innovatie Meeùs