Munnypot conquers investment market with robo advice

Investing is often seen as a high risk hobby of wealthy people. How can you make it attractive to the common man, now that saving is so unprofitable. Munnypot is the answer. Robo-advice service Munnypot helps (UK) investors to understand the risk level and is a great alternative to saving. We collaborated in the concepting and built the digital platform.
woman putting money in jar

the savings jar is the Munnypot signature imagery




making investing accessible to everyone


Munnypot onboarded international client Jyske bank

low savings interest makes investing more attractive

Saving up funds for later is important to most people from the UK, but with the current low interest rates their savings are not growing very quickly. Investing is an attractive alternative. Yet most people don’t. They know too little of the financial markets and that makes it difficult to effectively understand and weigh the risks. Munnypot bridges the gap between investor and the market. 

digital investment advice

With Munnypot the inexperienced investor does not stand alone. He also doesn’t have to go to an (expensive) financial advisor for wealth management advice. He receives advice when he needs it. Munnypot offers digital guidance during the investment process. Are profits high, then Munnypot advises on how to maintain them or even increase them to achieve your goals faster.

advice to grow, maintain or increase revenue

Munnypot received very well

Munnypot asked for our help in getting the interest from a wide target audience and developing the digital platform. We drew out the digital concept, the webdesign and built the self service environment and the client interaction.

Founder Simon Redgrove: “The publicity was phenomenal. Other parties also showed interest in Munnypot. We have conversations daily with possible investors and partners. We want to expand with an app. We will certainly include We are you in that build.”

Shortly after launch Munnypot welcomed the first bank to use their white label solution, Jyske Bank. 

Munnypot app in hand

“We found their ideas to be very interesting. We are you obviously has a lot of experience in and knowledge of the financial industry. Exactly what we were looking for.”

Simon Redgrove, founder Munnypot