a new insurance platform for Onlia in only 9 months

The international insurance market is changing quickly. In order to remain in line with market developments, to capitalize on opportunities and inspired by its vision on knowledge and experience from, the Dutch market; Achmea Division International decided to invest in an online label for one of its foreign Operational Companies. We developed a new front-end insurance platform for the new label Onlia in only 9 months.

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short time-to-market


live in 9 months

Development of an insurance platform

The first step within this strategy is the development of a new front-end insurance platform. A platform that provides the marketeers with the correct resources to offer flexible and personal customer service. This platform was launched in Slovakia. We are you was responsible for the implementation and realisation of the platform and launched this new online insurer within 9 months. The platform is based on Sitecore and the We are you software InsuranceRight.

modular design

The architecture had to be developed in such a way that it could be used relatively easily in several countries and for different insurance products. This brings synergy in terms of innovation, product development and makes a positive contribution to the efficient development and management of the platform. Many modules, both functional and non-functional, are developed at one time and can then be used by every Achmea label. Thanks to a smart chain around the platform, marketeers are able to implement changes and optimizations quickly and independently.

flexible insurance platform

The modules are constructed in such a way that the look, feel and characteristics of the label can be retained within each module. It is also possible to develop label specific modules. Sitecore acts here as a sort of integration layer to the various back office systems. This leaves the possibility of the future migration of the underlying system landscape to a standardized or rationalized target architecture, with minimal impact on the front-end.

The flexibility of the platform was confirmed when it was decided at a late stage of the development phase that 'Onlia' would become the label name and that this label name should also be used elsewhere. This created an extra level of complexity, but it proved immediately that the new platform, with a different graphic design, can be easily added to, due to the way the platform is set up.

Onlia website on laptop

online marketeer in control

The value of the online insurance platform lies, on the one hand, in the controllability of the IT architecture, upon which several parties can develop (across multiple brands) and on the other hand in flexibility for the (CRO) marketeer. The combination of the Customer Experience Platform from Sitecore and InsuranceRight from We are you enables the online marketeer to monitor, optimize and enrich the performance and results on a daily basis.


“The complexity of a full front-end for an insurer is great. By going live in only 9 months we have achieved huge profits for Onlia.”

- Enrico Pruis, Business Development Director Insurance