redesign and technical update for online radio station Operator

Online radio station Operator is committed to bringing creatives, musicians, DJs and cultural experts together. They want to create a platform for new and established talents. When this initiative started in the creative heart of Rotterdam, we wanted to support them by doing what we do best: creating impact with the right digital platform.

radiostation Operator Radio


Operator Radio


redesign and technical update for website and app


creating digital impact

a social commitment to the creative environment

In February 2017, initiators Jeff van Hoek (Jeff Solo) and Jorn de Vries (Almost Modern) started Operator Radio. They produce cultural radio programs from a container located above the well-known Rotterdam Biergarten. The online radio station soon became well known in Rotterdam, in the Schieblock area in particular, which is also home base for We are you Rotterdam. This creative environment inspires us and it helps us to inspire. We were really happy to contribute.

vision behind online Operator platforms

Operator don't confine their activities to Rotterdam, they go beyond. Their impact on the local environment continues to expand, the programming is ever more diverse, broader and more intensive. The existing website with its single stream was no longer sufficient. The new website radiates the now mature, quirky "brutal" brand identity of Operator. The new site also offers more technical options.

"The dark colours tip a wink to nightlife. the industrial surfaces and shadows are reminiscent of the beginning of the internet age."

- David de Beun, Designer We are you

development and growth

We developed a second stream for the radio station to broadcast through. Operator also organizes events and has its own stages at festivals. The new event feature helps Operator to communicate their activities beyond the container. Operator is, and remains dependent on (financial) support from their patrons. It used to be impossible for fans to support Operator in their work. The new donation option changes that for the better.

further development

We continue to give Operator digital support. We are proud to contribute to this creative and musical initiative.

"Thanks to We are you we are able to continue to optimize our platform. In recent years we have worked closely together. The personal working method of We are you has worked extremely well for us. We continue to develop together."

- Jeff Solo, co-founder of Operator Radio

brand new app

We recently built a brand new app for Operator. The idea behind this app is to allow the listener anywhere in the world to listen to the Operator live stream. It is simple but focused. The website and the app each have their own purpose. The app is all about listening to the live stream. With the iOS app listeners can also set notifications for their favorite shows, so they don't have to miss a second. 

operator app in use